Sharjeel Memon blood samples didn’t contain alcohol

Sharjeel Memon's blood samples didn't contain alcohol

A test report has uncovered that no hint of liquor was found in the blood tests of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) pioneer Sharjeel Memon.

Memon’s blood tests were sent to two healing centers for testing after Chief Justice of Pakistan in an unexpected visit discovered jugs supposedly containing liquor in his room.

The blood tests did not contain hints of plasma liquor and ethanol, said the report. Three other test reports were likewise discovered to be ordinary, it was learnt. Sharjeel Memon’s blood tests report will be sent to the summit court. Jugs did not contain liquor.


A report by Chief Chemical Examiner, Dr Zahid Ansari states that the jugs recuperated from Memon’s room did not contain liquor. As per the report, one of the jugs contained nectar and the other cooking oil.

Sharjeel Memon's blood samples didn't contain alcohol

An examination group was framed on Sunday to test the revelation of alcohol bottles from the room of a clinic where Sharjeel Inam Memon was under treatment.

Multi day sooner, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar paid an unexpected visit to the clinic in Karachi’s Clifton region. Amid his visit, the best judge found liquor containers, medications, and cigarettes in Memon’s room.

Following the attack and examination, Memon was moved to Central Prison Karachi. His blood tests were likewise taken, while the room was fixed.

The CJP, while reacting to an inquiry concerning his visit, said that he went ‘to a sub-imprison not a doctor’s facility’.

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