Shahbaz Sharif Political History

Shahbaz Sharif Political History

PML-N senior leader and former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is a bachelors in Arts degree holder. He did his bachelors from Government college university, upper mall Lahore. After the completion of his graduation, he decided to work in the Ittefaq industry owned by his own family. Then he decided to go into professional politics.

Shahbaz Sharif Political History

He was elected as a member of provisional assembly(MPA), defeating a candidate of Pakistan People Party, for the very first time in the general election of 1988 as a candidate of Islami Jamhoori Ittehad party. He had to leave his position when the assemblies were dissolved in 1990.

Then in the very next election of 1990, he was again elected by the people of Pakistan as a member of Punjab provisional assembly(MPA) from PP-124. He also won the seat of National assembly and elected as a member of National assembly(MNA) from NA-96 in the same election, so he decided to vacate provisional assembly seat to utilize more authority.

Again in general election of 1993,  he again won both the seats for National and Provisional assembly as a candidate of PML-N from NA-96 and PP-125 respectively, defeating candidates of Pakistan People Party(PPP). He vacated National assembly seat this time and was soon selected as leader of opposition in the Provisional assembly of Punjab. During his tenure of Provisional assembly, he needed to go to the United Kingdom for his treatment and in the meanwhile, Chaudhary Parvaiz Elahi was made as an acting leader of opposition in the provisional assembly of Punjab. His tenure as a leader of opposition ended up when the assemblies were dissolved in November 1996.

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In general election of Pakistan,  he again became a member of the Provisional assembly from PP-125 as a member of PML-N and also elected as Cheif Minister of Punjab for the very first time on 20 February 1997.  He became the 13th Cheif Minister of Pakistan in the history. He remained Cheif Minister of Punjab until General Parvaiz Musharaf imposed martial law in Pakistan on 12 October 1999.

He was again re-elected as a member of Provisional assembly (MPA) from PP-10 in June 2008 as a candidate of PML-N defeating candidate of Pakistan People Party (PPP) and he again became the Cheif Minister of Pakistan for the second time in the history of Pakistan. His tenure lasted for about 9 months until Supreme court of Pakistan declared him disqualified from his post due to the allegations of Murder upon him.

For the third time, he was again elected as Cheif minister of Punjab when he won the general election of 2013 as a candidate of PML-N, winning from the constituencies of PP-159, PP-247 and from PP-161 which are from Lahore, Rajanpur and Lahore respectively. He decided to keep the seat of MPA from PP-159 and became Cheif Minister of Pakistan for the 3rd time.

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In 2016, he was elected as president of PML-N, winning without any opposition in Punjab. When the names of acting Prime Minister of that time Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and his sons Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz were listed in Panama Papers, Supreme court of Pakistan dismissed Nawaz Sharif and then Shahbaz Sharif became the president and head of whole PML-N and hence could be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He completed his recent tenure as Cheif Minister of Punjab on  7 June 2018.

During this tenure, he became a very well known personality of Pakistan who put his focus on major basic needs of the public like education, health, industries and agricultural reforms. He unleashed a number of development projects in the capital of Punjab province, Lahore. He also did a number of reforms to reduce crime in Punjab. Metro bus, Orange line train and Ring road linkage are counted in his major and successful projects which were completed on priority basis.

He introduced reforms in many departments of Punjab through Digital Punjab Reforms. These departments include education, Police stations, emergency departments, health and many more.

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