Political history of Imran Khan

Political history of Imran Khan

Imran Khan is counted in only one of those politicians who have graduated from Oxford, England. He is the only Pakistani who has served as Chancellor of Bradford University, England. After serving for 2 decades in Pakistan international cricket, he came into politics. He started his professional political career in 1996 and founded “Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf”.

Before coming into politics, he put his efforts for the collection of donations for making a hospital on the name of his mother for cancer patients. He raised an amount of 25 million dollars for building the hospital in Lahore.

Imran Khan founded “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” in April 1996 and participated in the general election of 1997 for the seat of National Assembly from NA-53 and NA-94 from Mianwali and Lahore. On both seats, the candidates of PMLN won the election.

Imran Khan raised a public voice in favour of the military coup of General Parvaiz Musharaf in 1999. It was the belief of Imran Khan that Musharaf will end corruption in Pakistan. In the general election of 2002, Imran Khan again participated and this time he won the seat of National Assembly from Mianwali.

Imran Khan faced a lot of political opposition from the parliament and outside the assembly. Imran Khan resigned from the parliament on the issue of Musharaf to conduct the presidential election for himself without resigning as a Cheif of Army Staff. Imran Khan was also arrested in his house when Musharraf declared an emergency in the state on 3 November 2007.

After the successful escape from his house, he ran away and kept hiding from the officials of Musharaf. Jamaat-e-Islami students caught him in Lahore and beat him badly. He boycotted the general election of 2008 believing that the election will not be conducted fairly but he didn’t stop campaigning for the party.

Jalsa in Lahore in 20111

Imran Khan called for a Jalsa in Lahore in 2011 on 30th of October. More than 100,000 of his fans and supporter of his ideology gathered to listen to him. This gathering was named “tsunami” against the acts of ruling parties.

On 25 December 2011, Imran Khan addressed in Karachi to a large gathering against the corruption of ruling parties and for the rights of the public. After that, Imran Khan became the largest threat for all the parties due to his increasing popularity in public, not only in Pakistan but also all over the world.

Imran Khan marched from Islamabad to Kotai to record a protest against Drone Attacks of US. Before the general election of 2013, Imran Khan presented a “New Pakistan Resolution” that was a type of manifesto of PTI for the election. President of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) offered Imran Khan to be Prime Minister in election 2013 making a coalition government in order to stop Nawaz Sharif to become Prime Minister but Imran Khan rejected the offer because it was against the ideology of their party.

During the election campaign of 2013, Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif became the biggest rivals of each other. They started to criticize each other at each and every point whenever they find even a single point. Equal education, pulling Pakistan out of US terror war against tribals, removal of corruption and equal rules for all was his motto to enter in the election.

After the election of 2013, Imran Khan led Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PT) managed to make government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and became opposition party in Punjab. He appointed Pervez Khattak as the Chief Minister of KPK.

imran khan azadi march

Later on, Imran Khan put allegations on PMLN for the vote-rigging in general election of 2013 and claimed for the opening of only 4 poling seats of National Assembly. For that, he led a protest named “Azadi March” started from Minar-e-Pakistan. Imran Khan claimed that PTI has put a lot of effort into producing 2,100-page white paper as evidence of vote-rigging in 2013 election. This protest resulted in the closing of schools, colleges, offices and road of D-Chowk Islamabad for 120 days. This protest ended up due to APS Peshawar blast in December 2014.

After that, Panama papers leaks issue was raised by Imran Khan in all over the politics of Pakistan. Now, for the General election of 2018, Imran Khan has said that he is well prepared for the election this time. He is mocked several times with the name of “Taliban Khan”, “Master of U-turns”, “Jhuta Khan” and several others by the opposition. But now he is a PM of Pakistan”Hopefully”.

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