27 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Singapore

Singapore is a very attractive place for the tourists on the planet earth. Thousands of people visit this state every year. It earn a lot from tourism. Singapore has a number of beautiful islands and beaches attached to it. The country covers more than 719.9 km². It is one of those countries which are capital of their own country. In this article, we will try to tell you amazing and interesting facts about Singapore regarding its history, culture and some strange rules and regulations that are only applicable in Singapore, not anywhere in the world. Let’s get started.

Facts about Singapore

1. Total annual GDP of Singapore is $349.659 billion(41st).

2. Singapore is a nation of different religions most dominant religion is Buddhism almost 33%, Christen 18%, Muslims 14%, Folk religion 10%, Hindu 5%. Non-religion 18%.

3. Singapore is a 3rd most populous country total population of this country is more than 5,612,300.

4. The old name of Singapore was “Temasek” which means a sea town, due to number of islands attached to it. 

5. Singapore is extremely energetic about toilets. The Singapore government tabled an UN determination to assign nineteenth November as the World Toilet Day. It not just got the help of 122 different nations but also “The World Toilet Organization” (WTO) was shaped on nineteenth November 2001, in Singapore. It is very Interesting facts about Singapore.

6. Singapore can educate the world a few exercises in genuineness. The little city-state stands last in corruption in Asia and the fifth least corrupt nation on the planet.

Map of Singapore


7. Singapore is formed as a result of “Independence from independence”. British affiliated Singapore with Malaysia in  1963 but it became a separate country after just two years in 1965.

8. Singapore has its national tree planting day on 7th November consistently. Everybody from the Prime Minister to outside negotiators to conventional natives, plants trees on this national day. Singaporeans even receive named trees for their youngsters as birthday presents or wedding presents.

9. But when it comes to plant trees,  Singapore plants trees in a very unique way in style. The government officials of Singapore opened up a progression of artificial sun oriented controlled trees that goes upto 50 meters high, in the project of ‘Gardens at the Bay’. It is currently a social and cultural image and a hotspot for tourists.

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10. Over 80% of Singapore’s population lives in government-sponsored houses while the home ownership rate in Singapore is at 92% (highest in the world). 

11. Usain Bolt is known as the speediest runner on the planet, But it is interesting to know that the Singaporeans are the quickest people on foot(pedestrians) on the planet.

Facts about Singapore

12. In Singapore, quit chewing your gum in public if you see the police. Or just don’t look like you are chewing. Because it is considered a crime except if you are using as a prescribed medicine.

13. Caning is in reality, still an authoritative punishment for violating law in Singapore. If you are found vandalizing the tropical heaven, you won’t be able to sit appropriately for about half a month.

14. The car lovers are relatively down in Singapore. Car owning is intensely discouraged  by the administration of Singapore and car owners need to pay extra 1.5 times the car cost to get their car registration.

15. “Dream high but construct low” is a slogan by the government of Singapore. There is a limit of building any infrastructure upto height of 280m only. There are exactly three buildings in Singapore of 280m height.

16. In case if you are born in Singapore and by chance you are a man, you will be carrying guns with you when you will turn upto 18. Singapore has a compulsory military training for each adult man for 1-2 years.

17. Students of high school have to study more than 18 hours in a day. They don’t have their social life. So they spent their free time by surfing the internet.

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18. It is a crime in Singapore not to flush the public toilets made by the officials after using them.

19. Singapore purchases well over its economy. As indicated by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRP), Singapore is the world’s fifth biggest arms merchant.

 Facts about Singapore
Facts about Singapore

20. The currency of Singapore is Singapore dollar. One Singapore dollar equal to 0.75 US dollar.

21. People of Singapore are one of the smartest people on the planet.

22. A 7 years old boy of Singapore holds a world record of passing O-levels in Chemistry.

23. Lifts in Singapore have Urine Detection Device, and in case it detects the smell of kidney separated water(urine), it lacks the entryways of the lift until the police arrive on the spot. Singapore has passed some laws which disallow people to urin in the lifts.

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24. Singapore has the worlds largest Dome shaped stadium that covers its viewers from sun and rain.

25. In Singapore, great manners and behaviours are to the children by their guardians and the administration educates the guardians a little. Singapore really had a great sponsored National Courtesy Campaign, since 1979, where Singaporeans were shown morals and ethics. In any case, in 2001, it changed to the Singapore Kindness Movement. This is very Interesting facts about Singapore.

26. Singapore is taking over Asia sand by sand. Singapore has been blamed for purchasing excess sand from Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. It prompted a few challenges and barricades on sand exchange after nations discovered lumps of their territory being delivered off to Singapore.

27. Even though Singapore is country with a size that resembles with any city of another country, but it consists of 63 small number of beautiful islands.

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