Amazing Facts about Saudi Arabia

Amazing Facts about Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an Arab country. The official name of this country is “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” located in Western Asia. The occupied area of this country is 2,149,690 square kilometer. The population of this country is more than 33 million people that makes it 40th largest country in the world. The Government of Saudi Arabia is Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy. The Saudi Arabia Flag is made with Green and White colour.


Amazing Facts about Saudi ArabiaSaudi_Arabia-flag-urdu talk shows

1. The nominal GDP of Saudi Arabia Is $685.004 billion that makes is 20th largest country.

2. The nominal GDP of per capita is $55,229.

3. Saudi Arabia is an islamic country and the main religion is Sunni muslim.

4. Almost half population of Saudi Arabia is less than 24 year.

5. Saudi Arabia is 12th Largest Country in the world by Land Area.

6. 95% Land of Saudi Arabia is covered by desert and semi desert.

7. Riyadh is Capital and the largest city of Saudi Arabia.

8. Border countries of Saudi Arabia is Bahrain,Iraq,Jordan,Kuwait,Oman,Qatar,UAE or Yeman.

9. The proven oil reserves in Saudi Arabia are the largest in the world, estimated to be 268 billion barrels and almost half of the country’s GDP comes from export the oil.

10. Almost 60% of the laborers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners.

11. The official language of this country is Arabic.

12. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river.

13. Riyadh’s camel market is one of the largest market in the world.

world biggest camel market in riyadh

14. Almost all the countries control birth rate by family planning but in Saudi Arabia Birth control is illegal.

15. Baby camel is one of the most tender of Saudi meats.

16. The Jeddah Tower is being constructed in Saudi Arabia. It will take the title of world’s tallest building from the Burj Khalifa and they were both designed by the same American architect.

17. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia till 2017 because it is illegal, but now the Govt allow to drive.

Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia till 2017 because it is illegal, but now the Govt allow to drive.


18. Mecca and Medina, located in Saudi Arabia, are considered to be Islam’s holiest places. Non-Muslims are not allowed to step foot on these sacred grounds.

19. Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest rates of females in the workplace in the world. Just 20% of females are in the workforce.

20. King Abdul Aziz bin Rahman Al Saud, or Ibn Saud, is considered the father of the Saudi nation.

21. Falconry is a traditional sport that is practiced in Saudi Arabia.


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