Amazing and Interesting Facts about Russia

Facts about Russia: Russia is officially known as Russian Federation. Total are of Russia is 17,098,246 kilometer square which makes it 1th largest country in the world (without Crimea). Borders of Russia meets with 14 countries which are Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the People’s Republic of China and North Korea. The population of Russia is more than 144 million peoples. Moscow is capital and the largest city of Russia. let’s explore more Russia facts.

Facts about Russia

1. Totale nominal GDP of Russia is  $1.522 trillion 2018.

2. In Russia, Per capita GDP is $11,946.

3. Around 17 million individuals live under the poverty line in Russia, with over 12% of the populace making under $200 every month.

4. On average, 14,000 Russian ladies pass on from abusive behavior at home every year. Aggressive behavior at home is as yet not perceived as a wrongdoing by Russian law.

Map of Russia

5. According to WHO report 2015, An average life expectancy of Russian people is 70.91 years.

6. There are around 11 million a higher number of ladies than men.

7. Lake Karachy in Russia is the most tainted place on the planet. The lake is close to the biggest atomic office in Russia

Facts about Russia

8. Trafic in Moscow is bad to the point that well off Russians enlist assumed ambulances to beat the troubles.

9. According to UNESCO report 2015,  Literacy rate in Russia is 53 percent which means 53% Russian can read and write. Russia spends some 4.9% of GDP on education.

10. In 1991, the Soviet Union dropped, replacing the comrade lead in Russia with a majority rule government. As of now, Russia calls their political framework a government presidential republic

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11. Beforehand, Russia had an aggregate of 11 time zones. In 2010, the administration picked to drop the number to 9 time zones, which is still more than some other nation on the planet.

Facts about Russia

12. The official language of this country is Russian but here 26 more recognized languages.

13. Main exports of Russia are gas, timber, fertilizers, coal,  machinery and equipment, armaments oil and petroleum products.

14. Main Imports of Russia are machinery, equipment and transport, chemical products, foodstuffs and agricultural products.

15. Russia is the main exporter of oil and petroleum gas, and 60% of Russian fare is oil. Russia’s oil and gas pipelines could wrap around the Earth 6 times.


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