19 Amazing Facts about Qatar

Facts about Qatar. Qatar is an Arab country located in Western Asia. The official name of this country is state of Qatar. Qatar has one land border with Saudi Arabia in the south and other three side they locked with Persian Gulf. Qatar occupied 11,581 kilometer square land area. Total population of qatar is 2,641,669 people which make it 140th smallest country in the world by population. Qatar capital and the largest city is Doha, almost 50% population of Qatar live in Doha city.

Amazing Facts about Qatar


1. The Total GDP of Qatar is $180.910 billion (54).

3. Per Capita GDP of Qatar is $65,158 (6th).

4. Qatar has one land border with Saudi Arabia in the south and other three side they locked with Persian Gulf

5.  Qatar is among the top ten leading producers of LNG (liquefied natural gas).

6. Qatar is an islamic country.

7. The Hamad International Airport is the ninth biggest Airport in the world held in Doha city (Qatar).

8. Qatar will have the FIFA World Cup in 2022 for which it will manufacture nine eco-accommodating notable stadiums, some of which will have the capacity to have upto 80,000 individuals.


9. The official language of Qatar is Arabic, But English is the second language that is very widely spoken.

10. There are no hills in Qatar. In fact, the country’s average elevation is just 28 metres.

11. The Literacy rate in Qatar almost 97% which is very good thing.

12. Qatari Riyal is the Currency of Qatar (one Qatari Riyal = 0.27 Dollar).

13. National animal of the Qatar is Arabian Oryx.


14. Qatar followed the Sharia law. This is a religious law which partly follows the Islam traditions.

15. Qatar is totally desert country only 5% of the lands is used for agriculture.

16. Regarding to CNN Report 88% people are not Qatari They are Foregnor workers living in the country only for some years and only 12% population is Qatari.

17. Qatar and its people are very richest almost 14% qatar population is millionaire(Dollar).

18. Qatar have many oil resource they export 335,000 bbl/day and they make 40% GDP of Qatar.

19. Many Qataris enjoy sweet foods. In Qatar it is traditional to eat a large spoonful of honey at night and in the morning


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