Amazing and Interesting Facts about Portugal

Let see, amazing facts about Portugal. Portugal is a  very beautiful country located in southwestern Europe. The official name of this country is the Portuguese Republic.  It is called, that Portugal is the oldest country in Europe. According to Forbes report, the population of Portugal is more than 10.8 million. Portugal is a well-developed country. Learn more about Portugal people, culture, economy, history and much more.

Facts about Portugal

• The total area of this country is 92,212-kilometer square.

• Borders of Portugal meets with the Atlantic Ocean from north, west and south and east from Spain.

• Portugal capital and largest city is Lisbon.

• Total (estimate) nominal GDP of Portugal is $235.696 billion 2018.

• Portugal is a developed nation. It positions as the 17th most secure nation in the world.

• The national language of Portugal is  Portuguese.

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Roman Catholic is the most popular religion in Portugal, almost 81% Portuguese adopted this religion,  6.3% christen and 6.8% non-religion.


• Portugal is also known as the country of tiles. Their people of Portugal decorated their house walls and floors with beautiful tiles for a long time.

• port (wine) is the most famous export of Portugal,  it is also the country national drink.

• Average life expectancy of Portuguese is 81.52 years but women live longer than men almost six years.

• The Portuguese Empire was the longest-lived of the cutting edge European realms and was spread all over territories that now make up 53 different sovereign states.

•The world record for the biggest Santa Claus parade, Portugal with 14,963 participants.

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•The basic literacy rate of the Portuguese population is more than 95%, which means 95% Portuguese can read and write.

•National animal name of Portugal is a rooster.

•Portugal was established in 1128, making it one of the most seasoned countries in Europe.


• Football is the most well-known game in Portugal, and the nation has created footballers who ended up known around the world. Players, for example, Eusebio, Luis Figo, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the most noted Portuguese footballers.

• Country Per Capita GDP is $22,663.

• The currency of Portugal is Euro and 1 Euro is equal to 1.24 USD Dollar.

• These are main natural resources of Portugal is Copper, zinc, Iron, Uranium, Silver, Gold, Salt, Marble, and Fish.

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• The national flower of Portugal is Lavender, The Lavenders are a class of around 25-30 types of flowering plants in the mint family and are utilized as a part of cooking.


• Main Exports of Portugal are canned fish, manufactured cork, cotton textiles, and port (wine).

• Main Imports of Portugal are crude oil, food and beverages, wheat, machinery, automobiles and raw materials.

• Portugal country code is +351.



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