25 Interesting Facts about Canada 2018

Interesting Facts about  Canada: Canada is a most beautiful country with having a lot of interesting facts. Total area of this country is 9,984,670 square kilometers. The population of Canada is more than 35,151,728 people which make it the 38th largest country by population. The capital name of Canada is Ottawa. Canada have13 provinces and territories, which names are Alberta British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon,

Interesting Facts about Canada

1. The nominal GDP of Canada is $1.798 trillion(2018) which make it the 10th biggest country in the world.

2. Per capita GDP of Canada is $49,775.

3. The border of Canada touch with only one country which is united state.

Map of Canada

4. Canada is the second largest country the world by area after China.

5. Canada has a lot of natural beauty which attracts 36 million visitors per year.

6. The national animal of Canada is a Beaver.

25 Interesting Facts about  Canada in 2018

7. The name of Canada comes from “Kanata” which means Village.

8. The united state tried to occupy Canadian territory more than 2 times by war in 1775 and 1812, But They failed both times.

9. The border of Canada and US is the world largest border and does not acquire any border forces both sides.

10. Toronto is the largest city in Canada with having 5.9 million people’s.

11. The official language of Canada is French and English.

12. Canada is a home of the polar bear.More than at 15,500 out of the total world population of 25,000.

polar bear

13. Canada is home to lots of innovators. here are some cool thing invented by Canada.Electric blub, Electron microscope, Snowblower, Washing machine and Electric range.

14. Canada is the World’s Most Educated Country. over a large portion of its citizens have professional educations.

15. The literacy rate in Canada is more than 99%, which means more than 99 percent Canadian can read and write.

literacy rate in Canada

16. Canada has a lot of natural resources like copper, gold, lead and rare earth elements like molybdenum, petroleum, potassium, timber, diamonds, hydropower, silver, coal, natural gas, iron, and nickel.

17. Main Exports of Canada are motor vehicles, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, aircraft, chemicals, plastics, fertilizers and aluminum.

18. Main Imports of Canada are durable consumer goods, crude oil, chemicals and electricity.

19. Canada has a world largest amount of Uranium which used it to make Atom Bomb.


 20. The information on life expectancy from Statistics in Canada is 82 years.

21. Canada has the third biggest oil stores of any nation on the planet after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

22. This time Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau. Before he was the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau worked as a dance club bouncer and a snowboarding educator.

23. The national game of Canada is Hockey and Lacrosse.

24. The currency of Canada is Canadian dollar. One Canadian dollar is equal to 0.78 US dollar.

25. Internet domain and calling code of Canada is .ca and +1.

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