24 Amazing and Interesting facts about Austria

Austria is situated in Central Europe. It is officially known as Republic of Austria. Austria is a landlocked country occupied 83,879 km2  which making it the (113th) country in the world. If we talk about population of Austria, According to Wikipedia (2018) report more than 8,823,054 people live in Austria. Capital and largest city of Austria is Vienna. Austria is a nation of different Ethnic groups like 82.3% Austrians, 5.2% ex-Yugoslavs, 2.7% Germans, 2.2% Turks, 1% Hungarians and 6.6% Others. Let’s explore Amazing and Interesting facts about Austria for your knowledge.

Facts about Austria

1. Borders of Austria touch with Eight European countries Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary,  Liechtenstein, and Slovenia.

2. Austria is occupied by a Germany leader nazi till 1936 to 1955. He gets freedom from Germany on 26 October 1955 and appeared as a free country in the world.

3. During the 17th and 18th century Austria is a superpower of Hungarian empire. that’s after the first world war is limited to a republic state.

4. Annual nominal GDP of Austria is $409.316 billion.

5. Austria is an only one country of European Union which is not become a member of NATO till.

6. The very little population of Austria affiliated with the profession of agriculture and take part in GDP of this country round about 2%.

7. Austria has the third-most outstanding per capita salary from tourism in the European Union. The nation attracts in excess of 30 million People consistently.

8. Austria is continually positioned as having one of the most astounding ways of life on the planet and Vienna almost constantly beat the rundown of the World’s Most Livable Cities.

Map of Austria

9. The invention of the stitching machine is invented by an Austrian citizen Josef Madersperger.

10. For any drink to be named a mixed drink in Austria, it must contain 20% liquor. This amount is double the amount of liquor found in mixed beverages in other European nations.

11. Because of the disarray amongst Austria and Australia, countless were conveyed to Australia rather than Austria. Subsequently, the Australian post workplaces needed to utilize an uncommon elastic stamp that read “diverted to Austria in Europe”.

12. Austria is one of the top recyclers in Europe. The nation reuses right around 63% of the waste it produces.

Plastics Recyclers Europe

13. The most well known of Austrian dishes is Weiner Schnitzel, which are cutlets of veal, beat thin, tidied with egg and breadcrumbs, and then fried.

14. According to World Bank report of 2015. Average life expectancy of Argentinan people 76.33 years.

15. TVs and air conditioning are not so common in Austria.

16. The country is also famous for sweet desserts and cakes – Sachertorte which is a chocolate cake and Strudel, which is a pastry roll filled with apples and cottage cheese.

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17. The currency of Austria is Euro and One Euro equal to 1.15 US dollar.

One Euro


18. Austrians work the hardest 45 hours for each week among the other working populace of the nations in the European Union.

19. Over half men and 20% ladies in Austria are overweight. These details are the most remarkable in the European Union.

20. The leader of Austria is chosen by the general population for a term of 6 years. In any case, the president is only an agent. The government chancellor runs the everyday activities of the nation.

21. There is a sex school in Vienna, Austria. It includes lab practicals and coed dorms where students are supposed to practice their lessons.

22. Numerous popular scientists on the planet have originated from Austria, including Ernst Mach, Christian Doppler and the celebrated clinician Sigmund Freud.

23. National animal of Austria is black eagle.

24. German is an official language of Austria.

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