Amazing Facts about Poland

25 Amazing Facts about Poland

Amazing Facts about Poland Poland officially the Republic of Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions called provinces. The neighboring nations are Germany toward …

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Facts about Bulgaria

25 Amazing Facts about Bulgaria

Facts about Bulgaria Bulgaria is officially known as Republic of Bulgaria. The capital and the largest city of Bulgaria is SOFIA. This country is situated in southeastern Europe. The border of Bulgaria linked with Romania to …

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Facts about Kuwait

23 Amazing Facts about Kuwait

Facts about Kuwait Kuwait is officially known as the State of Kuwait is a country located in  Western Asia. The Capital and the largest city of this country is Kuwait city. After Oil reserves discovered in commercial …

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Amazing Facts about Australia

27 Amazing Facts about Australia

Australia is a sovereign country comparing to a numerous smaller island in Australian continent. The official name of this country is Commonwealth of Austalia. The neighbor countries of Australia (included: Maritime Border) …

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