Amazing Facts about Malaysia

Facts about Malaysia. Malaysia is located in Southeast Asian. The borders of Malaysia meets with Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and shared maritime boundaries with China, Philippines,Singapore and Vietnam. The area of this country is 437,072 square kilometres which making it the (58th) smallest country in world. The Government of malaysia is based on Federal parliamentary republic. The Capital and the Largest city of malaysia is  Kuala Lumpur.

Amazing Facts about Malaysia


1. The total nominal GDP of malaysia is $340.000 billion (38th).

2. The per capita GDP of malaysia is $10,430.

3.   Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were the world’s tallest buildings until 2004. They are still the world’s tallest twin buildings joined by a sky bridge.

4.  Malaysia occupied 437,072 square kilometer area.

5. Estimated Population of Malaysia according to wikipedia is more than 30 Million people that makes it 44th biggest country in the world by population.

6. The currency name of malaysia is Ringgit one usd dollar is equal to 3.91 malaysian ringgit.

7. The roll of malaysian govt is Federal dominant-party parliamentary elective constitutional monarchy.

Perdana Putra

8. The official language of this country is Malay.

9. National animal of malaysia is Malayan Tiger.

malayan tiger

10. The average life expectancy of malaysian people is 74 years.

11. The main export of this country is Electronic equipment , Petroleum and liquefied natural gas , Wood and wood products , Palm oil , Rubber , Textiles and  Chemicals.

12. Malaysia is a federation consisting of 13 states and 3 federal territories.

Map of Malaysian states

13. Literacy rate in malaysia is 94% , it means over 15 year old 94% population in malaysia can read and write.

14. The national animal of malaysia is rhinoceros hornbill.

rhinoceros hornbill

15 The popular cities of malaysia is Johor Bahru , Melaka , Kuala Lumpur , Alor Setar and Shah Alam.

16. Country code of malaysia is +60.

17. Malaysia internet domain is .my.


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