23 Amazing Facts about Kuwait

Facts about Kuwait

Facts about Kuwait

Kuwait is officially known as the State of Kuwait is a country located in  Western Asia. The Capital and the largest city of this country is Kuwait city. After Oil reserves discovered in commercial quantities in 1938 then Kuwait became prosperous. According to World Bank now the country has the fourth highest per capita income in the world. let’s explore more facts about Kuwait.

23 Amazing Facts about Kuwait

1. Total annual nominal GDP of Kuwait is $118.271 billion.

2. The main export product of Kuwait are petroleum and fertilizer.

3. The total population of Kuwait is more than 40 million people that makes the 128th country according to the population.

4. The capital and the largest city of Kuwait is Kuwait City

5. The name “Kuwait” is derived from the Arabic word “Kut”.

6. The national language of Kuwait is Arabic and 93 percent people speak Arabic but other 7 percent of people speak other different languages.

Map of Kuwait

7. Total land area of Kuwait is only 17,818 km.

8. The border of Kuwait touch with these three countries Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.

9. The water is very rare in this country because 93% of land in this country is desert.

10. According to WHO report published in 2017 Life expectancy rate in Kuwait is 78.2 years.

11. Oil reserves in the nation were found in 1934. Kuwait’s oil reserve is the world’s 6th biggest.

facts about kuwait

12. After Kuwait’freedom, the first Emir is Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah.

13. The economy of Kuwait mostly depends on petroleum.

14. Cost of oil creation in Kuwait is the least on the planet because of the way that the oil lies near the surface of the earth, making it simple and efficient to lift up.

15. Kuwait exports oil more than 60% to the Asian countries.

16. The national bird of Kuwait is a falcon.

facts about kuwait17. The national anthem of Kuwait is Al-Nasheed Al-Watani.

18. The currency used in Kuwait is called Kuwaiti dinar. It is the highest-valued currency in the world Kuwaiti Dinar equals 1,000 fils.

19. In Kuwait, there is not water people use wells and sea water for drinking after desalination.

Facts about Kuwait

20. Sheik Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah turned into the main Emir of the nation after its freedom.

21. Kuwait is a developed country therefor Literacy rate( people can read and write) in Kuwait is 96.3%.

22. Calling code and internet domain of Kuwait is respectively +965 or kw.

23. National animal of Kuwait is a camel.

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