Amazing Facts about Kenya

Facts about Kenya. Kenya is a landlocked country located in east Africa. The official name of this country Republic of Kenya. The country occupied 580,367 kilometer square, which makes it 48th largest country by area. Capital city of kenya is nairobi. Nairobi is also the largest city of country. Population of this country is more than 49,125,325 people, which makes it 28th biggest country by area. The borders of kenya surrounded by Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south and southwest, Ethiopia to the north, South Sudan to the north-west, and Somalia to the north-east. kenya do not have any official religion, though christianity is highly prevalent throughout the country.

kenya flag map

Amazing Facts about Kenya


Total annual GDP of kenya is $85.980 billion.

Kenya GDP is $1,790.014 per capita.

The government of kenya based on Unitary presidential constitutional republic.

Uhuru Kenyatta is the Current President of Kenya.

The official language of this country is English and Kiswahili ,but the national language is Kiswahili.

Kenya borders meets with Uganda, South Sudan,  Ethiopia and Somalia.

Kenya Map

The national animal of Kenya is lions.

Main exports of this country is Live trees, plants, Mineral fuels including oil, Coffee, tea and spices.

Main imports of kenya is manufactured goods, crude petroleum, machinery, chemicals, and transportation equipment.

The coat of arms is the national symbol of Kenya.

The coat of arms is the national symbol of Kenya.

More than half population of kenya live under the poverty line.

In this country some people are very rich while some are living under the poverty line, There have no middle class.

Kenya gained their independence day in 1963 frome British.

Tourism and coffee are the biggest industries in kenya.

Tourism in kenya

More than 82% kenyans are christen.

The literacy rate of kenya is almost 78%, Which means seventy eight percent keynesian can read and write.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data published in 2016 life expectancy in Kenya is 63.4 years.

International dialing code of kenya is +254.

Five biggest animals founded in Kenya.These five animals are elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo, and rhinos.

Five biggest animals founded in Kenya

Almost 28% kenya’s population live without electricity.

Kenya is a beautiful country that is home to over 70 ethnic communities.

Football is the most popular game in kenya , But its national sport is basketball.





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