25 Amazing Facts about Bulgaria

Facts about Bulgaria

Facts about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is officially known as Republic of Bulgaria. The capital and the largest city of Bulgaria is SOFIA. This country is situated in southeastern Europe. The border of Bulgaria linked with Romania to the north, Greece, and Turkey to the south, the Black Sea to the east, Serbia and Macedonia to the west. Let’s explore more amazing Facts about Bulgaria.

25 Facts about Bulgaria

1. The name Bulgaria is derived from the Bulgars, a tribe of Turkic origin that founded the country.

2. Total land area of Bulgaria is 110,993 square km.

3. The population of Bulgaria is 7,101,510 ( 2017 est.)

4. Annual nominal GDP of Bulgaria is $55.954 billion.

5. Bulgaria rule under the Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic.

Map of Bulgaria

6. The main religion in Bulgaria is Bulgarian Orthodox 59.5%, Muslims 13%, Nonreligion 22%. Christen 6%.

7. The main products exported by Bulgaria are petroleum and agricultural products like packaged medicamentschemicals, wheat, flour etc.

8. The main imports of Bulgaria are mineral products, machinery and equipment, vehiclesrubber plastics, and textiles.

9. The literacy rate in Bulgaria is more than 98.4% which means 98 percent Bulgarian can read and write.

10. According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 life expectancy in Bulgaria is: Male 71.4, female 78.4 and total life expectancy is 74.8.

Facts about Bulgaria

11. Bulgaria has a parliamentary arrangement of government.

12. Bulgaria has 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

13. Lion is the National animal or Saker Falcon is national bird of Bulgaria.

14. Bulgaria is the main nation in Europe whose name has not changed since the (in 681 AD) year.

15. Bulgaria is the world’s second-greatest exporter of rose oil, a fixing in many fragrances.

Amazing Facts about Bulgaria

16.  The nation’s national instrument is gaida, all the more regularly known as bagpipes.

17. Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital city and additionally the biggest city. It is the country’s financial center point and is home of one million Bulgarians.

18. Each first of March, Bulgarians praise an unusual occasion known as Baba Marta (Grandmother March).

19. In the 1980s, Bulgaria was the second biggest wine maker on the planet.

20. Bulgaria’s populace is contracting because of low birth rates and outward relocation. It is evaluated that the present populace will decrease by right around 33% constantly 2060.

21. Bulgaria positions twentieth in the overall positioning of nations with the quickest internet speeds.

Amazing Facts about Bulgaria

22. The Bulgarian armed force has never lost a solitary flag fighting all through the historical backdrop of the nation.

23. Fire moving (Nestinarstvo) is one of the most established Bulgarian traditions. Today, it is still performed in a few towns in the nation.

24. The currency of Bulgaria is Bulgarian Lev and one lev is equal to $1.67.

25. Calling code and internet domain of Bulgaria is respectively +359 or .bg.


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