23 Amazing Facts about Germany

These are 26 Amazing Facts about Germany. The official name of Germany is the Federal parliamentary republic located in central-western Europe. Germany occupied 357,168-kilometer square land area. The total population of Germany is more than  82,800,000, that is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Germany shares their borders with nine countries including Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland (its only non-EU neighbor), Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. The capital and the largest city is Berlin in Germany.Germany_Flag_Map

Facts about Germany

1.Total annual GDP of Germany is $3.934 trillion.

2. Per capita GDP of Germany is more than $47,535.

3. Germany is the EU’s biggest economy – with a total national output (GDP) of 3.93 trillion USD.

4. Capital name of Germany is Berlin.

5. Deutsche Mark was the official currency of Germany. It was replaced by the Euro in 1999.

6. Borders of Germany meet with 8 European countries and Switzerland which one is non-european country.

Map  of Germany

Main Exports (2017)

  • Machinery including computers
  • Electrical machinery, equipment
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus
  • Aircraft, spacecraft:
  • Iron, steel

Main Imports (2017)

  • Crude petroleum and natural gas
  • Basic pharmaceutical products
  • Electronic and optical products
  • Food and bakery products

7. Black Eagle is the National animal of Germany.

8. Germany has official rules about what a baby can be named.

9. Germany is one of the world’s biggest auto-makers – offering 5.9 million autos in 2011.

10. The first magazine ever seen was launched in 1663 in Germany.


11. Germany is one of the world driving book countries distributing around 96,000 books each year.

12. Berlin is the third most prominent gay city in Europe, after London and Amsterdam, with a normal 300,000 gay and lesbian inhabitants.

13. Football (soccer) is Germany’s most prominent game, and it is the present holder of the World Cup soccer title won in 2014.

14. In Germany, it is illegal to run out of fuel on highways.


 it is illegal to run out of fuel on highways

15. Germany is the EU’s biggest economy – with a (GDP) of EUR 3.93 trillion, and lies fourth place on the planet behind the USA, China and Japan.

16. In Germany, there’s no punishment for a prisoner who tries to escape from jail because it is a basic
human instinct to be free.

17.  There’s a building project in Berlin, Germany, where they want to build a Christian church, a mosque and a synagogue all in one.

18. National tree name of Germany is Oak.

National tree name of germany is Oak


19.  Performing the Nazi salute in Germany is a criminal offense punishable by up to 3 years in jail.

21. Germany has the lowest birth rate in the world.

Germany has the lowest birth rate in the world

22. Soldiers of Germany’s Military Forces are allowed to disobey any order they think would violate human dignity according to their constitution.

23. The country calling code of Germany is +49.

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