21 Interesting Facts about Paraguay

21 Interesting Facts about Paraguay

1. Paraguay is officially known as República del Paraguay. It is a landlocked country situated in South America with covering a 406,752km² land area. More, Paraguay shares their borders with Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. Asuncion is capital of Paraguay.

2. The total population of Paraguay is more than 7,053,384 people.

3. 90% of Paraguayans are Catholic.

4. Spanish and Guarani is an official language of Paraguay.

6. A 2017 survey observed Paraguay be the most joyful nation on the planet for the second year in sequence.

Map of Paraguay

7. If you want to see the biggest rat on the planet, Paraguay is the place to go. Coming in at up to almost 70 kg the Capybara is tremendous.

8. The Itaipu Dam is a binational hydroelectric dam keep running by Paraguay and Brazil on the Paraná River. Made in 1984 it was the biggest until the point that the Three Gorges Dam opened in China in 2008.

9. The main export of Paraguay are hydroelectric power and soybeans. Other real fares incorporate eatable oil, meat, cotton, wood, and calfskin.

10. In the northwest of the nation is a plain called the Chaco. Albeit almost nobody lives there more than 100,000 lives were lost when Paraguay battled Bolivia for it.

11. Literacy rate in Paraguay more than ninety-five percent. More than 95% of individuals beyond 15 years old can learn and compose. That is a higher rate than the USA.

source: fernheim.com

12. The circulation of riches is extraordinarily unequal in Paraguay with 80% of land held by 2.5% of the people and 161 individuals controlling 90% of the nation’s riches.

13. The most well-known games in Paraguay are soccer and angling.

14. Due to being right mid in South America, Paraguay is called “Heart of South America” or Corazón de América.

15. As indicated by the most recent WHO information distributed in 2017 life expectancy in Paraguay is 73.09 Years. The life expectancy for women was 75.37 years and for men 71.02 years

16. The national animal of Paraguay is pampas fox and national bird is  Bare-throated Bellbird.

source: Canid Wiki

17. 95% of Paraguayans are mestizos: individuals of blended Spanish and Native-American family line.

18. The longest hot dog at any point was made in Paraguay and had 668 ft.

19. The Paraguay River, which divides the nation into two parts, is South America’s second-longest stream after the more well known Amazon River.

20. The main railroad line in Paraguay (and in South America) was built in the region between 1858 and 1861 by British designers.

21. Paraguay, country calling code is +595.

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