21 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Turkey.

Amazing and Interesting Facts about Turkey. The official name of this country is Republic of Turkey located in western Asia. Turkey occupied 783,356-kilometer square land area. The borders of turkey meet with eight countries Iran, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Greece. The population of turkey is more than 80,810,525, which makes it 16 biggest country in the world. The government of turkey based on the Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic.Flag Map of Turkey

Facts about Turkey


1. Total nominal GDP of turkey is more than  $905 billion.

2. Per capita GDP of turkey is $11,124.

3. The national language of Turkey is Turkish, but also here English, Kurdish, Kurmanji and Arabic speaking.

4. The capital of Turkey is Ankara.

5. The Largest city in Turkey is Istanbul, and Istanbul was the capital of three empires for 2,000 years: the Byzantine Empires, Ottoman Empire, and Roman Empire.

Map of Turkey


6. Istanbul is the world’s only city traverse in two continent 3% is in Europe and 97% in Asia.

7. The founder of the modern Turkish nation is Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.

8. Turkey is the most developed country according to CIA report 2015.

9. Textiles, Food processing, Autos, Electronics, Tourism, Mining (coal, chromate, copper, boron), Steel and Petroleum are the main industries of Turkey.

The main exports of turkey are Carpet, transport equipment, road vehicles, electrical machinery, appliances and manufactured goods.

11. Main imports of turkey are Wheat, Dry milk, Vegitabels، Natural gas and Fuel Oil.

12. Turkey has one of the highest numbers of Facebook users up to 15 million people’s.

13. Turkey is the 6th most popular country in the world regarded tourism, They had 40 million foreign visitors in 2015.

14. The world second oldest underground railway tunnel lies in Istanbul (Turkey).

15. The main coins in world history were made of electrum and utilized by Lydian King Alyattes in Sardis, in the Aegean locale of Turkey, in 640

16. Grey wolf is the national animal of turkey.

17. Turkey has 83,327 mosques, more than any other country in the world.

18. The Hagia Sofia (Turkish: Ayasofya), or Church of the Holy Wisdom, the house of prayer in Istanbul was the biggest basilica on the planet for almost a thousand years. Following the Ottoman success of Constantinople in 1453, it was transformed into a mosque, and it has been a historical center since 1935.

18. Oil wrestling is the Turkish national game. It is claimed on the grounds that the wrestlers soak themselves with olive oil.

19. The currency of Turkey is Lira, $1 USD equal to 3.96 Turkish lira.

20. Turkey is one of only a handful couple of nations on the planet that alludes to sports specifically in its constitution, in Article 59, which peruses, “The State takes measures to build up the physical and emotional well-being of Turkish nationals of any age and empowers the spread of games among the majority. The State secures fruitful athletes.

21. The calling code of turkey is +90.

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