19 Interesting Facts about France

Interesting Facts about France

Interesting Facts about France: France is a member of Eu country. The official name of this country is the French Republic. It is located in Western Europe. The total population of this country is more than 67 million people making it the 21st biggest country by population. France occupied 640,679-kilometer square area. Borders of France meet with  Belgium and  Luxembourg in the northeast, with Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in the east, with Mediterranean Sea, MonacoSpain, and Andorra in the south. France also shares the Maritime border with the United Kingdom. Let’s explore more.

Facts about France

1. Total nominal GDP of France is $2.583 trillion that making it 7 biggest nation.

2. Per capita GDP of France is $39,869.

3. Louis XIX was king of France for just 20 minutes in 1850.

4. The French made their own type of the Internet called the Minitel in the 1980s, which made France a world pioneer in family unit telematics however amusingly moderated France’s possible acknowledgment of the Internet

5. Paris is capital and the largest city of France.

Map of France

6. Since the finish of World War II, France has been one of the five lasting individuals from the United Nations Security Council.

7. France is the biggest consumer of power from atomic energy in the world.

8. The national animal of France is Rooster.

9. The Mosque of Paris helped Jews circumvent amid WWII by giving them Muslim IDs.

10. France was the fourth nation to gain nuclear and atomic weapons, testing its initial A-bomb in the Algerian Sahara in 1960.

Interesting Facts about France

11. The normal man in France devours 10.9 liters of undiluted liquor every year.

12. According to WHO report (2015), average life expectancy in France is 82.67 years.

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13. France is a well-developed country, therefore, thousands of people dream around the whole world to go France for tourism.

14. In spite of the fact that a variety of games and sports are played and facilitated by France. The most well-known games there are football, tennis, and cycling. Football has the most extreme number of authorized players and is considered by numerous as the national game of France.


Interesting Facts about France

15. Main Exports of France are aircraft, engines, beverages, electrical equipment, chemicals, cosmetics, luxury products and perfume etc.

16. Main Imports of France are cars, vehicles, machinery and equipment, crude oil, plastics, chemicals, and aircraft etc.

17. The Official language of France is French and it is also their national language.

18. The currency of France is Euro, one euro is equal to 1.20 US dollar.

19. Calling code and internet domain of France is +33 or .fr.


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