17 Amazing and Informative Facts about Bolivia

“17 Amazing and Informative Facts about Bolivia”. Bolivia is situated in South American with occupying 1,098,581 kilometers square land area. Bolivia is a landlocked country. It’s borders meet with north and east with Brazil, to the south with Argentina, to the southeast by Paraguay, south-west by Chile, and to the north-west by Peru. The capital city of Bolivia is sucre.

Facts about Bolivia

1. The nominal GDP of Bolivia is $40.737 billion.

2. Bolivia per capita GDP is $3,647.

3. “Bolivia” is originated from the Venezuelan military and political pioneer “Simon Bolivar” who ran Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia to freedom from Spain in 1825. He was likewise authoritatively the primary leader of Bolivia.

4. Bolivia has the world’s biggest salt level, which covers 10,582 square kilometers of territory and is 3,656 meters above ocean level.

5. The literacy rate in Bolivia is 95.14%. This percent people ration in an understanding, read and write a short, simple statement on their everyday life.

Map of Bolivia

6. Amid the eighteenth century, Bolivia was known as Upper Peru. It got its name from Simon Bolivar, the military, and political pioneer.

7. Bolivia contributes 70% of all Brazil nuts created around the world.

8. Bolivia is one of only a handful couple of nations that has two capitals. The official capital is Sucre and the most noteworthy managerial capital is La Paz.

9. Main Export of this country are petroleum, soybeans, iron ore, zinc, and tin. and the main export partners of Bolivia are Switzerland, Venezuela, and Colombia, United State, and Brazil.

10. The national game of this country is soccer. which also popular all over South American region.

11. Bolivia has exceptionally rich old stories and one of the best folkloric occasions in South America is the demon moves at the yearly jubilee.

12. According to WHO data who published in 2015. Average Life expectancy of Bolivian People is 68.74 years.

13. The topography of the nation shows an incredible collection of areas and atmospheres. Bolivia has 37 official languages.

14. The principal languages are Spanish, Quechua, Aymara and Guaraní with extra 33 percent in other languages.

15. The following are some well-known individuals from Bolivia from different classes and fields of work.

16. National animal of Bolivia is Llama.

17. Calling code and internet domain of Bolivia is respectively +591 and .bo.


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