15 Interesting Facts about China 2018

15 Incredible Facts about China 2018

15 Interesting Facts about China 2018China is officially known as “Republics of China” located on the Asian continent. It has the world largest populous country with almost 1.7 Billion people. The total area of this country is  9,596,961 kilometer square that makes it the 3rd largest county in the world by area. The govt of China based on Socialist people’s republic. Beijing is the China Capital.See more Interesting facts about China.

Interesting Facts about China

1. Total annual GDP of China is $14.09 trillion 

2. Per capita GDP of China is $10,087.

3. Amount of cement used for the infrastructure in China in three years from 2011 2013 was too much that even America could not utilize it in 200 years.

Map of China

4. China is the only country in the world whose citizens eat 4 million cats and dog annually.More 20 million chines like to eat cockroaches. 

5. The currency of China is chines yuan and one chines yuan is equal to 18 Pakistani rupees.

6. The national game of China is table tennis which is also known as ping pong.

7. There is a very strange rule in China for rich people’s, where a rich man can buy another person to replace him for his punishment in jail.

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8. Chines people are very hard working about 0.6 million chines die due to overwork every year.

9. Most American website like Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube and New York times are banned in China by the Chines government. Chines even don’t use American browsers “Chrome” for browsing. They have their own browser and technology for this purpose.

10. The whole world is trying to control smoking. On the other hand, the world biggest Cigarette factory is run by the Chines government.  

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11. Chines love tourism. They consume most of their income on tourism.

12. The export of any country is the backbone of their economy. Today China is the world’s biggest exporter. It earns more than $ 200 billion every year with its exports. 

13. The most interesting things about chines exports, that the thing America, Japan, and Russia sell for $10, They sell the same product at $ 5 by using a little raw material. By this, their product is easily accessible to every common person in the world.

14. The National animal of China is the giant panda.

15. Chines army strength is the world biggest army with having 2.28 Million active personals.

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