15 Interesting Facts about Chile


These 15 Interesting and knowledgeable Facts about Chile are very helpful for you in any kind of information regarding Chile. The official name of this country is Republic of Chile or República de Chile. This country is located in Europe occupying a large area of 756,096.3 kilometer square. It is a narrow strip of land between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The total population of Chile is more than 17.5 million people which makes it the 64th largest country in the world. The capital of Chile is Santiago. It is also the largest city in Chile.

Facts about Chile

1. Chile is a Unitary presidential constitutional republic. The current president of Chile is Sebastián Piñera and Senate President’s name is ‎Carlos Bianchi Chelech.

2. The land boundaries of Chile touch with three countries which are Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

3. Chile has the world largest coastline from north to south i.e. 2,653 miles.

4. Chile is positioned as a high-wage economy by the World Bank and is recognized as South America’s most reserved and prosperous country.

Map of Chile

5. Main Exports of Chile are fish, seafood, wine, fresh fruit, dairy and meat products or fifty percent economy relies on exports of copper.

6. Main imports of Chile are oil, mechanical equipment, and heavy machinery.

7. Chile’s literacy rate is more than ninety-six percent, which means 96% people can read and write. Since 1965 in Chile, education has become compulsory from ages 6 to 13.

8. Lake Chungara is in Chile. Which is one of the most elevated lakes above ocean level. It is the 31st highest lake on the planet.

9. According to forbs report 2015, Average life expectancy in Chile is 81 years.

10. The national language of Chile is Spanish.

11. National animal and bird name of Chile is Huemul and Andean condor respectively.

12. The world’s most prominent swimming pool is at San Alfonso del Mar Resort in the Chilean city of Algarrobo. It holds 66 million gallons of water and costs over $3 million USD a year to keep up.

13. Chile gained independence from Spain on 18 September 1810.

14. The currency of Chile is CLP. 1 US dollar equals to 0.0016 chilian pesos.

15. Calling code and internet domain of Chile are +56 and .cl respectively.

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