10 Amazing Facts about Japan

10 Amazing Facts about Japan: Japan is also said the king of Technology. It is a 6 biggest economy in the world. It is situated in East Asia and located on the Pacific Ocean. The area of this country is 377,972-kilometer square. It has not any land border. The total population of Japan is 126,672,000. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and it is also the Japan biggest city. The government of Japan based on Unitary parliamentary constitutional. Watch more facts about Japan

Amazing Facts about Japan

1. Total annual GDP of Japan is $5.167 trillion. which make it 3rd largest economy in the world.

2. Per capita GDP of Japan is $44,426.

3. Japan has more than 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants, the largest number in any country outside the U.S.

4. Japanese Trains are among the world’s most punctual, their average delay is just 10 seconds.

Map of Japan

5. It is said that Japan is the King of technology. Because in this modern world more than 70% technology invented by Japan that’s why any person went to market he demands to purchase Japanese technology.It is a common thought that Japanese goods are more reliable.

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6. In japans, earthquake is a minor thing. here it has recorded round about 1500 earthquake every year. But In  2011 the world biggest earthquake is recorded in Japan during this 16000 people died,3000 missing and 45000 reported injured 

7. The age limit of Japanese is high as compared to other countries. It is sad that Japan is a country of oldest people. Here more than 50,000 people have above hundred years old.

8. The people of Japan are most hard working all over the world. They work more than 16 hours in a day.

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9. The Tokyo is the world populous city. The area of this city is 2187 kilometer square while the population of this city is more than 83 billion people. it means that 13 thousand people live on every square kilometer in this city.

10. National animal or symbol of Japan is Common carp.

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