The US should leave Pakistan and worry about your Chinese loans, Asad Umar

The US should leave Pakistan and worry about its Chinese loans, Asad Umar

In an interview with Foreign Media, Asad Umar rejected the statement of US Foreign Minister and said that Americans have a friendly advice that you first worry about your Chinese loans, we will take care of our Chinese loans.

Asad Umar said that the PTI Government will bring all the contracts of the Pure China Economic Relation (CP) viewpoint, the country has a serious problem of external debt and there is urgent need of $ 10 to 12 billion, but the Chinese debt No problem, we have to decide where to get the money from the next 6 weeks, we can raise money from IMF and friendly countries or by selling bonds to sea Pakistanis.

Referring to the economic policy, Asad Umar said that the PIA and Pakistan will not privilege the Steel Mills, in the first 100 days of the government companies like Singapore will be made Welfare Fund so that they can be cleared from political interference, Instead of the Ministry of Finance in the new government, the State Bank will decide to increase the value of rupees based on the economic principles, so that the price of dollar can be cleared from political decisions, on the agricultural sector and energy-making companies Taxes will be reduced. Income deficit will be completed by welfare tax.

It is clear that a few days ago, US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo warned IMF that Pakistan should not be given loans which he would use to borrow Chines. China reacted strongly on this, saying that the US should work to promote the prosperity of the region instead of using the IMF for its purposes.

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