Pakistan placed on FATF ‘grey list’

Pakistan’s name has been included in the list of failed countries to stop terrorism’s financial support. The FATF, which looked at the financial support of the organization, met in Paris, which reviewed the measures of Pakistan against terrorism and money laundering. Under the leadership of the Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, the Pakistani delegation attended the meeting and highlighted Pakistan’s steps against terrorism.

According to diplomatic sources, Pakistan presented its report on measures to prevent 27-page anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, while also informed about operations against banned organizations and other groups. However, FATF, responding to the Pakistani response and measures, was unsuccessful and decided to include the name of Gray countries.

The meeting of the Financial Action Task will continue till June 29. A delegation of FATF in Pakistan is expected to visit in July, in which performance will be reviewed against terrorism’s financial support. Pakistan has been involved twice in the fall countries.

The FATF is a global organization whose aim is to keep track of these countries and to implement economic sanctions that do not support global efforts against terrorism. The gray list is included in countries that do not take appropriate measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing when the blacklist is included in those countries which fund the open terrorists. Joining a list of list will help Pakistan face problems with IMF and World Bank.

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