North Korea Claim U.S. Diplomacy deal as a gangster

North Korea Claim U.S. Diplomacy deal as a gangster

According to the news agency, the American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo met with senior officials of North Korea in Pyongyang. Mike Pompeo arrived in North Korea to review the implementation of US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s head Kim Jung during his last month’s meeting.

Following a meeting between the US and North Korea’s high-level officials, the statement issued by Pyongyang said that the visit and negotiations of the US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo were sad.

The United States ignores North Korea’s reservations, adopting dictative practices, is pushing a nuclear weapon program to end the aggressive and unfair process.

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the talks with high-level South Korean officials were constructive and positive when there was a major breakthrough in some cases, but until the nuclear program was eliminated and completely destroyed nuclear weapons. The sanctions on North Korea will not be terminated.

Note, the US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had arrived at North Korea on a two-day visit, where there were long talks between the top officials of the two countries, but the meeting was not held with Kim Jong.

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