Khursheed Shah Says, Do Chief Justice want politics?

Khursheed Shah Says, Do Chief Justice want politics

Talking to the media, Khursheed Shah said that the PPP has always given employment to the people, but the present government is being deployed for employment rather than working days and cases are being made to those who speak against the government.

My life is a book open, I’ve won eight times in the general election and my faith is confident, I or my family did not agree with one inch of land, I vacated the land of 10 to 15 billion, the next If there is any corruption, make a committee and examine it.

The PPP leader said that every government comes with the support of circular debt to provide anonymity, the Supreme Court is becoming a part of politics, the Chief Justice should be asked whether they want politics?

Khursheed Shah said that there are no water reservoirs in the country, PPP is in favor of the construction of Bhasha Dam, but we are against the Kalabagh dam and it should not be made, Dam will not be funded by the judges and the judges, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Order allocation for construction of 15% dam.

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