increase stress between Iran and Israel after 20 rocket missile on Israel’s rocky mountains

According to the International News Agency, the Defense Forces of Israel destroyed large-scale Iranian installations in Syria, destroying weapons, logistics, and intelligence centers. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked his security forces, saying that both Israelis and security forces have failed to succeed both Iran’s security and defense. It is a response that is a reaction to the action taken in Iran’s Golan mountainous area.

On the other hand, Iran rejected the Israeli allegations of missile strikes in the Golan mountain area, saying that Israel has made the attack and attacked Iran’s military installations, whose world community should condemn. Israeli attacks can cause stress in the region. World powers must stop Israel. Iranian President also spoke telephonically with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on this issue.

The international forces have expressed concern over the tension between Israel and Iran. Russia, Germany, and France have asked Iran to stay peaceful with Israel, while the US has supported Israel’s action as a responsible member of the tornado situation.

It is clear that the Israeli military claimed that the revolution of Iran has fired 20 rockets on Israeli installations on the rocky mountains of the last night, after which Israeli security forces targeted almost all Iranian installations in Syria.