Hanif Abbasi is sentenced for lifetime in jail

Hanif Abbasi is sentenced for lifetime in jail

Justice Akhtar Khan, judge of Rawalpindi’s counter-narcotics court concluded in hearing the case of Aafi Drain quota of Hanif Abbasi. Hanif Abbasi is sentenced to life imprisonment while seven other suspects are set free.

At the time of trial, in the room, Hanif Abbasi and other suspects were present. Hanif Abbasi was arrested on the spot in the court after hearing the court verdict.

Hanif Abbasi was convicted under the drug control provisions. The trial was under hearing of 6 years. Statements of 26 witnesses were recorded while five judges were changed.

According to the judicial proceedings, Hanif Abbasi could not defend himself and the charges imposed on him proved true. On the arrest of Hanif Abbasi, the workers of the PML (N) workers started slogans “honor the vote”.

Hanif Abbasi said, “I am going to jail happily. I will challenge the decision.”
N League leader Hanif Abbasi said that I was not disappointed with the decision.

I am arrested and going to jail happily. I will not face any embarrassment by challenging the verdict in the High Court.

Hanif Abbasi’s lawyer Tanvir Iqbal completed his final arguments in the given deadline before the decision was preserved.

He had given record of sales and bank transaction and stated that ANF could not give solid evidence for illegal use of Ephedrine. The ANF has only laboratory reports. Preparations of bullets and quantity was not told.

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It is clear that the Islamabad High Court ordered the anti-drug court to decide the decision of the referendum against the Hanif Abbasi on 21 July.

The resignation of infidel companies in the allotment of the aid of the medicines was heard for the first time in March 2011, when the federal minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin told the assembly that the complete investigation has shown that the amount of ephedrine is more than quantity have been allocated legally.

Only two companies were allotted 9 thousand kilograms of Ephedrine whereas the maximum amount is 5 kg.

The federal minister had revealed this in response to the question of the Member Assembly on which Chief Justice Chaudhry Muhammad Iftikhar took notice of himself. Anti Narcotics Force selected Ali Musa Gilani, the son of the Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in this case.

Increasing the scope of the Ephedrine case, Anti Narcotics Force had collected challan against Hanif Abbasi on July 27, 2012. Where it was alleged that Hanifa Abbasi and his brother’s Pharmaceutical Company in 2010 were provide more than adequate amount of Ephedrine but the quantity was not used despite passing two years. The ANF accused that the Ephedrine was sold to drug sellers.

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