FIA caught 20-grade Bureaucrat who stole the wallet of Kuwaiti delegation

FIA caught 20-grade Bureaucrat who stole the wallet of Kuwaiti delegation

ISLAMABAD: The Chief Minister of the Kuwaiti delegation, who has been arrested for meeting in the Economic Affairs Division, has been stolen, Joint Secretary EAD Zirar Haider, who was involved in the theft, was handed over to the FIA, after which officials said Kuwait delegation Sorry.

Sources say the meeting of the Co-chairperson delegation of the Economic Affairs Division meeting on Friday evening revealed that theft of his case was stolen after the meeting ended.

On which participants of the meeting got annoyed and taking notice of the incident, taking the notice of the incident, the Economic Affairs Division, Ghazanfar Jilani, directed the investigation on the spot.

Sources say that the EAD Zirar Haider officer, who was a brawl case by CCTV footage, was identified. According to the sources, the bureaucrat officer identified as the Secretary, Economic Affairs Division, EAD Zirar Haider, on which the Secretary EAD GhAznfar Jilani took a tough action against Joint Secretary Kharrar Haider, who took a brawl of Kuwait delegation.

While delivering them to FIA. On the other hand, the government apologized to the Kuwaiti delegation while regretting the incident.

Meanwhile, the incident officer, Zarar Haider, found out that he was not a good reputation and because of which he has been interrupted several times, his seed mats have fallen and this is the Joint Secretary only in grade 20. Sources say that the department and disciplinary action will be taken against the officer mentioned.

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