European Union decided to close all asylum camps

According to the International News Agency, EU heads were held in Brussels, in which a deal has been resolved after the long-term negotiations.

Under which the immigrant camps will be closed temporary camp, examining the refugees’ documents and decide who will be allowed to cross the border and how to be returned.

This agreement between the European Union has been observed in the growing number of immigrants and issues born on the borders of European countries. During the long meeting, heads also discussed the possibility of security risk, migration of migrants and availability of essential facilities.

After a successful meeting, European Council head Donald Tusk said in a tweet that all seven European members of the European block agreed to settle other issues including refugees.

European diplomats say that the agreement between the European countries has been agreed, but it is not clear about immigrants’ concentration camps. Apart from the agreement, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel says the European countries will continue to work with the next agreement to find solutions to the illegal and displaced immigration of refugees