Dollar was expensive Rs0.40 in the open market

Dollar was expensive Rs0.40 in the open market

The ongoing negotiations between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund IMF were seen panic in the open currency market Friday.

Sources in the currency market said that the rumors in the market are contingent that IMF officials are pressuring Pakistan to increase the value of dollar, due to a dollar worth Rs 126 per 20 paise on an open market on Friday.

However, at the end of the business, the value of dollar in the Open Market closed 40 paise to Rs 126, but on contrast, the value of dollar in Interbank market remained unchanged at Rs 124 per 24.

The Foreign Association of Pakistan’s President Malik Mohammad Bohistan said that the federal government needs to issue its policy on reducing the value of rupees so that the demand for dollars in the open market could not increase.

At present, the trade deficit is a key challenge that will have to take steps to reduce domestic imports by reducing imports to overcome. He appealed to the people to avoid avoiding the worth of dollars for the stability of Pakistani rupees.

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