An accused of corruption cases on former Malaysian Prime Minister

An accused of corruption cases on former Malaysian Prime Minister

According to the International News Agency, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razzaq was presented against the court of Kuala Lumpur today. In today’s hearing, anti corruption police presented challan in case of corruption under the corruption scandal on government treasury. On which the court ruled an individual on former prime minister, however, he refused to refuse health.

The judge said that there is no one against the constitution, former Prime Minister misleading the options in his remote government during December 2014 to March 2015 transferring $ 10 million from Govt bank account to his bank account. Which must be investigated. The investigation should be conducted under the provisions of anti-corruption against the accused.

It is clear that former Prime Minister Najib Razzaq was arrested from his residence in Anti-corruption commission in 3 cases of corruption. Earlier, police seized assets worth $ 273 million from former Prime Minister Najib Razzaq’s house and office. The investigation started against former Prime Minister after his failure in the recent election and after the appointment of Mahathir Mohammad Prime Minister.

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