America is alone on the issue of Iran sanctions: Hassan Rouhani

America is alone on the issue of Iran sanctions Hassan Rouhani

He said that the way Iran has chosen the way of resistance. Whenever we defeat conspiracies, the public and government are together.

Hassan Rohani said that the United States has become more lonely on the ban. No international organization has considered the illegal logic of America.

Remember that in May, President Trump separated the United States and Tehran between the agreement of both countries.

In April 2015, he again put sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program. Since the announcement of the restrictions, many multinational firms have closed the business with Iran.

It is believed that since the announcement of the Trump, Iran faces growing economic problems due to which pressure on Iranian currency is decreased by 50 percent in value as compared to American dollar within the last 9 months.

Yes, many trustworthy exporters are complaining of inadequate currency for foreign trade but President Hassan Rouhani said that the availability of essential currency for Iran exporters and importers will ensure.

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