$ 9 million a penalty on Apple Company to cheat consumers

According to the International News Agency, the Australian court plenty to the leading mobile phone company Apple on to provide user data third-party services without the knowledge of users including accuracy of iPhone phones and iPads.

Apple’s spokesperson confirmed that 275 users were misguided with the accuracy of iPhones and IPs warranty clerks, phone changes and other errors, saying that it is an administrative error in which the company’s malicious or fraudulent use of the company The intention of consuming the trust of consumers is not the first priority for Apple.

Australia’s Federal Court rejected the stand of Apple Company’s spokesperson, financing the company by misleading users and not providing fixed services. In the court, in detail, the company also ordered the company to deliver a new phone to 275 users in a bad phone space.

It is clear that the Apple Company had guaranteed to provide new mobile to the consumers when the mobile was getting worse, but on behalf of consumers, they were directed to refer to the third party, where consumers were compensated for poor mobile phones. Repair was offered instead of offering a new phone.

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